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How to design a website

Designing a website can feel like a nightmare to one if you are not the tech gig of your group. This article will help you design your website that too in 7 easy to follow steps. Designing your website has been done to appeal to the visitor; it will also be a significant factor determining the traffic in the long run.
Now I am going to share my cheat sheet with you for a rewarding website. Click here to design a website by a professional

How to design a website in 7 easy steps

  1. Have a wireframe for your website.
  2. Search the latest web trends
  3. Choose your platform
  4. Select a template and start customizing
  5. Design your branding
  6. Optimize
  7. Publish your website

1. Wire Framing

A wireframe is a kind of blueprint that will make your work straightforward. For this, you can either draw a wireframe on your own with pen n paper, you can use free tools available for wireframing, or you can directly use free templates available on the internet and customize them according to your need.

website wireframing
[Image source: Google]

2. Latest trends

Before taking a step any further, we must research our industry. One thing that looks good to you might feel alien to the visitor of your niche website.
Research and read your competitors by this; you get to know about your industry to another level.

3. Choose your platform

Though we all think only professionals can do website development/ designing. Many website builders and e-commerce platforms provide online DIY tools that allow you to give a personal touch to your website; without being a computer graduate or skilled web designer. You can use various content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Weebly, Shopify Wix, etc. I recommend WordPress because it’s beginner-friendly and easy to get used to.

4.Select a template/theme

After having your wireframe ready, done with the market research, and decide your platform. Now we know the need and demand of the market and can quickly determine our templates accordingly. You can get free Templates and Themes online or purchase a premium theme from websites like Themeforest for a fee, it’s usually within $40-$69 for a good theme. Websites like ThemeForest give you a wide range of options to pick from, this way you would always find a theme close to your dream website.

free website theme
[Image source: Google]

5.Decide on your branding.

Now you have to start designing your website and give it your touch, signature, and personality.
Colour scheme
Colours are one of the brand’s best friend; it makes the brand stand out in the market full of competitors. So you have to have a colour scheme so that people start recognizing you from the specific colour. It’s basic psychology, you know.

H&M goes for RED
We know them with these particular colors.
Font style
Just like color scheme fonts also significantly impact your viewer, it’s a signature of your website.

bad font choice
{Quick tip: don’t use childish or challenging to understand fonts}

We often forget what our history teacher taught us in the class, but we are most likely to remember a scene from our favorite movie, even though we haven’t watched the movie recently. Why so? Studies suggest that visuals/images tend to stay longer in our conscious-subconscious mind.
So, make sure to make your website visually appealing for the visitor.

website before and after effect
[Image resource: Google]

6. Optimise

Make sure to use search engine optimization (SEO) friendly content to increase the traffic on your website. Also, take care of URL, Meta description, Mobile responsiveness [because most users will use their mobile phones for searching], interlinks, etc.

7. Publish your website

Check the work you have done until now, so make sure to cross-check everything because it’s time to publish your hard work, your website.
Ask for reviews from friends and family in preview mode, check if there is any room for improvement, you can ask your social media follower or any general person for an unbiased opinion on your website.
Things to look out for
1. All the links are working properly
2. Your content is relevant and easy to understand
3. Your website looks good on every device[ mobile, PC, laptop, tablet]
4. Loading speed is fast
[Lastly, make sure to keep track of the activities on your website, be open to constructive criticism, and try to improve your customer’s experience regularly]

If the development process is rigorous for you or you have little or no time to carry out this task, feel free to hire a professional to help you design and optimize your dream website at an affordable price. I recommend you visit one of the most affordable web design agencies, click here to design a website.

Ayejuyo Wisdom
Ayejuyo Wisdom

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